Muzzleloader Serivce & Repair, Black Powder Supplies, and Custom Made Muzzleloading Rifes and Pistols

The Muzzleloader Shop, ltd. specializes in serving the muzzleloading shooters and enthusiasts in Arkansas and beyond. We provide gunsmithing, supplies and accessories for percussion, flintlock, and in-line muzzleloading rifles, pistols, shotguns, and percussion revolvers. We stock real blackpowder, FFFFG to cannon grade, as well as an assortment of traditional percussion and flintlock muzzleloading firearms, accessories, and historical accoutrements. Although we don’t sell in-line muzzleloaders, we stock parts, accessories, and shooting supplies for them.

We also specialize in one of a kind custom built flintlock and percussion muzzleloading rifles, shotguns and pistols. Whether you are looking for a unique flintlock or percussion gun, we can help. For a historical reproduction, The Muzzleloading Shop, ltd. is a dealer for Loyalist Arms trade guns, military muskets, and pistols. We also carry traditional Lyman and Traditions rifles and pistols, as well as percussion revolvers.